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WestPark Life Groups are where we “journey together” with others. In Life Groups we deepen discipleship, grow in biblical community and step out to share the gospel. No matter where you are in your spiritual journey, we want to help you take the next step in your relationship with Jesus Christ. We believe that the best environment for significant spiritual growth to happen is in a place of authentic biblical community.  

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Everything You Need to Know

What size are Life Groups?

Most Life Groups have between 8 and 14 people in them.

When do Life Groups meet?

Life Groups meet on various evenings during the week and it is the group members themselves that set their meeting day.

How frequently and for how long do Life Groups meet?

This varies from group to group, but most get together two to three times a month. Generally they meet for 1.5 - 2 hours.

Where do Life Groups meet?

Life Groups meet in homes throughout London, but especially in the northwest section.

Is childcare provided?

Life Groups strive to work out a suitable childcare plan. This may involve individual or shared babysitting, or rotating supervision by the group members. We don’t want childcare concerns to hinder participation.

What do Life Groups study?

Life Groups study various materials that have been approved by our staff. We have a large selection of curriculum resources available in our library, and an even greater amount of online resources. Some groups work along with the Sunday morning sermon series.

What are some of the features of a Life Group?

Participation in a Life Group provides you with opportunities to:

  • Develop meaningful relationships with others.

  • Apply the truth of God’s Word to everyday life.

  • Minister to others through prayer and practical care.

Through these features we can live out the great commission ( Matt.28:19-20 ) and the great commandment ( Matt .22:37,39 )

Where do LifeGroups fit in our church’s overall values and mission?

You can read about our mission and vision here. We challenge everyone who considers WestPark their church to prioritize three regular engagements ( in addition to their own personal spiritual practices )

  • Community – in Life Groups we experience authentic relationships and life transformation in smaller gatherings with others.

  • Discipleship – spending time directly in the Word and/or through a plethora of resources we deepen our growth.

  • Outreach – participating in opportunities for service we can serve others as well as share the gospel.

As you can see, Life Groups are absolutely vital to our church's overall value's and mission. They are at the heart of what it means to fully participate at WestPark.

Still have questions? We'd love to connect with you, please contact us below!

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