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Vision: The mandate of the church is to gather. Ekklesia is a Greek word for church – a group called out, into a public place or gathering.  During these times, we are limited by not being able to live out that mandate physically. Isolation will hurt us and increasingly as time goes on. During this season God is calling the resilient church to rise up and be the church under a new set of rules and reality. We will prevail and we will thrive, and we must connect while following and respecting the boundaries imposed on us. 


Just as the church thrives under pressure, persecution, and government regime all over the world, we will be creative, we will readjust, and we will live out our mandate to “gather.” We are challenging West Park to gather 2 times per week.  Once as a whole church on Sundays at 9 or 11, and another time during the week in smaller groups. Some people are already doing that at different times, but we wanted to give everyone that opportunity. Though we cannot be together physically, we will provide the opportunity to huddle, focus on scripture, love each other, and keep living for Christ daily.

How: We will use zoom and you will get an invite to join in on that meeting.

Thursdays from

7:30-8:30 PM

Everyone Welcome


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