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Join us as we dig into the gospel account most scholars believe came first, The Gospel According to Mark. This exciting earliest Gospel book is fast paced, and full of the miracles of Jesus. Mark’s Gospel record addresses a few major themes, paramount of these is that Jesus is the long awaited “Son of Man” the messiah, who proves to the world He is God based on the things he does. This book also centers around the exclusive claims of Jesus and his universal call to Discipleship through His Kingdom WAY.

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A 30-Day Devotional


An 11 Week Devotional and Study on Right Now Media with Francis Chan

Ripe Reading Guide

Divorce Video Resource

Southern Seminary - Biblical Grounds for Divorce

Divorce Video Resource

Mike Winger a 3 hour in-depth Bible Study Podcast on Marriage/Divorce & Remarriage

Divorce Book Resources

  • The Meaning of Marriage: Tim and Kathy Keller 

  • Marriage, Divorce, And Remarriage in the Bible - Jay E. Adams

  • Divorce and Remarriage: Four Christian Views - H. Wayne House

  • Divorce and Remarriage - Wayne Grudem

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How to Download a Message Script

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