a 4-week series on how to set some REAL RELATIONSHIP GOALS.

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for our new 4-week series

On Sunday, January 5th, we are beginning a brand new 4-week series

of hope-filled talks on how to set some real Relationship Goals. We would love for you to join us on Sunday mornings for Christ-exalting music and practical biblical teaching. 


We dress casual and have a great Kids Program!

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Series Breakdown

what will we be talking about?

The #perfectmarriage isn’t always as easy as it looks. Sometimes a #lovinghusband forgets an anniversary, and an #amazingwife might occasionally set the thermostat too high. There’s a lot more that goes into a healthy relationship than what shows up on social media, so let’s set some real Relationship Goals together!

People often look at happy images of marriages on social media and say,“I want that,” but they don’t really know what “that” is. They think it’s the romantic vacations and long walks, but marriage is much more complicated than that. The real secret to a great marriage goes

far deeper than just a hashtag.


This series will define four goals that will enable couples to keep their focus on the right path for their marriage. Each week, they will leave with a clear action step to help them move toward that goal.

The.Porn.Project Seminar 

with Guest Speaker Brett Ullman

This is a topic that the church MUST talk about. We are surrounded by explicit advertising and messages, and porn is readily available at the click of a button. How do we respond as parents, spouses, and leaders?

$5 per person