Lead Pastor Succession Update

November 27, 2022


As you are aware, on October 16, Pastor Charles announced to the church that he and Sherryl were retiring from pastoral ministry at the end of next March and then, moving back to Mississippi. And while Charles and the board began “high level” planning in

2019 for this eventuality, the time has now come for us to move forward with the search for our next lead pastor.


As a board, we are committed to keeping you informed of the progress we are making and the process we are following to secure our next lead pastor. And so, we are taking this opportunity to provide you with an update...


Retirement Announcement

Lead Pastor Succession Update

October 18, 2022


Dear WestPark Family, I want to share a transition coming into our family's life that I shared publicly in all the language services last Sunday. We came to Canada from the US almost 9 years ago to serve as Lead Pastor here. This year I turn 68. And in the last year I've had cancer surgery and had a heart blip. The old body is beginning to feel its age a bit. When we arrived almost 9 years ago I shared with the board that I felt like I had another 10 years, plus or minus, to lead WP at my best. Well, next March that time comes to an end as I plan to retire with our last Sunday being March 26 of 2023. Our time here has been our most rich and fulfilling ministry in our 42 years of ministries. We've prayed and thought much about this and shared this with the board and staff and we are confident this is the right timing to transition and slow down a bit...

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