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Local Outreach

our expression of God's love compelling us to reach out

Local community outreach is our expression of God’s love that compels us to reach out and share His love with our neighbourhood! Our desire is to add value to our community in practical and nourishing ways as we build relationships so we can love God and love our neighbours.

Various Events

Everyone Welcome

Various Locations

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We will be participating in the Formula4Hope campaign with the London Pregnancy and Family Support center, distributing baby bottles on Mothers day and then collecting them on Father’s day.

Please consider picking up a baby bottle or donating online to this campaign, so the LPFSC can continue to give exceptional support to moms, babies, dads and families who are experiencing the challenges of an unexpected pregnancy. Together we can make a difference in the life changing, life saving ministry.

Physical Bottles & Online Donations both accepted.

Community Garden - Carole
Food for Food Bank
Community Garden
Community Garden - Greenhouse
Community Garden
Community Garden

Mother’s Day to Father's Day ( May 12 - June 16 )

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