What is happening at WestPark during the COVID-19 Closure?

Local Outreach

Local community outreach is our expression of God’s love that compels us

to reach out and share His love with our neighbourhood! Our desire is to add

value to our community in practical and nourishing ways as we build

relationships so we can love God and love our neighbours.  

One expression is our community garden, providing opportunities for our neighbourhood to grow vegetables and also share produce with our local Food Bank. Another is our partnership with other northwest London churches, as we explore ways to have a Kingdom impact in our community, building relationships and having a faithful presence, together. We also partner with several local agencies, who care for people in parts of the city, and in ways that we cannot.


We highlight some of their needs, present opportunities for people to volunteer and support through prayer and financial resources.

We know that there are many people in our community who are isolated and alone, and we pray that together we will find ways to reach and love them, and share Jesus with them.

We'd love to connect with you if you have any questions about

our Local Outreach ministry, please contact Carole Verdun below.  

Thank you to everyone and their neighbours who contributed to our food drive to support NWLRC! You are amazing!! We needed 6 vehicles to transport all the items collected and our friends at NWLRC were amazed and beyond grateful!!


Thank you for your generosity in loving and caring for our neighbours!!