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Our KidsChurch Program is looking for more Volunteers: Front Line Greeters, Classroom Helpers, and Nursery Caregivers

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where we play, learn, and grow a heart for Jesus

At WestPark we commit ourselves to families in two significant ways. First, we commit to guiding and equipping parents with tools and resources to help them be the primary spiritual influencers in their homes. Second, we commit to teaching and reinforcing God’s truths to kids through a variety of creative and relevant means.


KidsChurch In-Person is a compelling worship service designed just for kids Age 0 – Grade 5 on a Sunday morning. Resources include music, drama, a key-note speaker, life group discussions, crafts and games, offering and times of prayer.

Age 0 – Grade 5

9:00 & 11:00 am


Kids Mid-Week

GEMS: Girls Everywhere Meeting the Saviour
Equipping girls with God’s truth to strengthen their confidence and help grow their faith and character. Helping girls embrace the truth that they are loved by God- no matter what.

CIA: Christ in Action Boys Club
Helping boys connect deeper with God through gospel-centered lessons, games and activities that will keep them excited about their faith in Jesus Christ. 

Grades 1-5

@WestPark Church


KidsChurch Online is a compelling worship service designed just for kids Age 0 – Grade 5 on Sunday morning in the home. Resources include worship music, video messages, and tons of parents resources.

Age 0 – Grade 5


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