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End-of-Year Offering

What is SEEDS?

Seeds is an end-of-year offering opportunity for each person at WestPark to give sacrificially beyond his or her regular tithes and offerings.

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video message from Pastor Charles.

Why are we having SEEDS?

SEEDS will actually ‘seed’ our ministries with the resources we need for WestPark to take its next step as we fulfill our church mission, Everyday People on a Journey Together Pursuing Christ.


SEEDS will stretch our faith to trust Him with our finances.

SEEDS will help navigate our way through the unpredictable times during a pandemic, with the vision that God has given us.

SEEDS will bless others because we will give 15% of this offering to a local ministry need.

How does SEEDS work?

It starts with prayer. Pray that God would show you what He would want you to give sacrificially above and beyond your regular tithes and offerings. We are also praying that 200 families and singles will participate.

What about my Regular Tithe?

Your tithe is a faithful act of worship that helps fund the ongoing expenses of the current ministry and operations in the life of WestPark Church. We’re asking you to pray about how much you might give to SEEDS, above your normal tithes and offerings.

Prayer Weeks: November 21 – December 11

Giving Sundays: Nov. 27th |  Dec. 4th | Dec. 11th

If you’re out of town or only attending online don’t worry. A special offering envelope will be mailed to you. Just mail it back to the church office or go online at to find multiple electronic options to give (e.g. PayPal, e-transfer).

Here is how you can help us reach our GOAL of $125,000.

We’re asking everyone to pray about how God would lead them to give to SEEDS this year. What you give is between you and the Lord. But if 200 families sacrificially gave at these suggested levels, we could see God perform a true miracle.

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15% of SEEDS

goes to a local ministry need.
Brochure - 2022.jpg

Digital Seeds Brochure 2022

English, Chinese, Spanish, and Arabic editions are available.

All Languages - Prayer Guides

Please click on the buttons to download the PDF files.

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