Due to COVID-19, Villages are on hold until further notice.


WestPark Villages are where we “build relationships” with others. The New Testament has over 50 passages informing us how to have healthy relationships with others. 


In Villages we focus on getting to know each other in a social setting. Whether you are new the church or a long-standing attender, joining a village allows you the opportunity to share some food, games and fun times with other families. Villages are an all ages event so bring the entire family and why not invite a friend too! 


Part of growing spiritually is growing relationally. So, no matter where you are in your spiritual journey, we want to help you take the next step in your relationship with Jesus Christ.  We believe that the best environment for significant spiritual growth to happen is in a place of authentic biblical community.  

Most Villages have between 12 and 30 people in them.

There are different Villages meeting on different nights of the week.

Villages meet once per month approximately for 2 hours.

Villages meet in homes (or another present location) throughout London or closely surrounding suburbs.

Villages are for everyone so there is no need for childcare. The family will be able to practice community as a unit. What a great way to model to our children the joy of fellowship!

Villages are primarily a social gathering but there will be a few minutes set aside during the evening where your Host (or someone they have asked to help) will guide everyone through a couple of discussion questions from a recent sermon series.

No. Life Groups at WestPark church are still continuing.

In a life group, the majority of the time is spent on Bible Study in one form or another. Life groups are smaller and more intimate and usually involve only adults. In a Village, the major focus is on building relationships and socializing. The size is usually a bit larger and all family members can participate.

Participation in a Village provides you with opportunities to:

  • Develop meaningful relationships with others.

  • Live out many of the "One another" passages in the New Testament as we relax in a social setting

  • Minister to others through prayer and practical care.

Through these features we can live out the great commission (Matt.28:19-20) and the great commandment (Matt.22:37-39).

You can read about our mission and vision here. We challenge everyone who considers

WestPark their church to prioritize three regular engagements (in addition to their own personal spiritual practices):

  • Community – in Villages we experience authentic relationships and life transformation in smaller gatherings with others.

  • Discipleship – for those who are not sure whether or not discipleship mentoring or Life Groups fit into their schedule, Villages provides an informal way to try adding on a new commitment. See how informal discussions are never what we feared them to be.

  • Outreach – Villages are great informal settings to invite a neighbour, long time friend, a seeker, or new believer.

As our church grows larger, WestPark Villages serve as an excellent way to stay connected with those in our body who may now attend a different worship time as yourself. On our journey together pursuing Christ, take some time to prioritize relationships by attending a monthly Village.

Still have questions?  We'd love to connect with you, please contact us below!